Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review: 3 CONCEPT EYES Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #3, 6, 7, 8, 12

Hey guys!!!! Sorry for being MIA for so long u_u.... Class started a few weeks ago and I think this has got to be my toughest quarter yet....... programming is so energy draining and my neurobio class is killing me sobs but in light of my difficulties, I have good news to share!!!

Firstly..... 140105 Chu and I are official ♥ (no not facebook official ok)

Secondly..... Terri nominated me for the Liebster award!!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog ^^ I feel so honored and humbled to even be recognized for my lame rants and posts -.-;;; To be honest I have no idea what it is until recently!!!!  Thank you again Terri!!!! Y'all should go check her out ^^ she talks about everything from life to makeup to food to music to interests and aaahh I just love her blog

Thirdly..... Chad Future's music video for his new song "Used 2 B" will be released at the beginning of February ^^ Thank God I'm only in it for like less than two seconds..... uuughh I hate seeing myself on screen sobs but yeah you should check it out when it releases!!! It's a really good song ^^ Visit his Youtube channel here

Anywaaayy now I'll get down to business..... today I will be reviewing 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #3, 6, 7, 8 and 12!

I'm sure many of you have heard of 3 CONCEPT EYES!! It is a South Korean cosmetics/skincare brand created by Stylenanda, which is a super popular fashion store that has franchises in many parts of South Korea and just recently started expanding throughout Asia!!!! I believe they started getting very well known for their lipsticks, which are worn by many South Korean celebrities. They just opened a few pop-up stores in Hong Kong in December *_* Aaaahhh so exciting!!!!!

Can I say I've known about Stylenanda and 3CE before it got reaaally popular? #hipster HAHA just kidding  u_u Alright on to the review~~~~

What does 3CE states that their Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner is.....
A long-lasting eye liner for non-smudging and neat eye makeup!
  • Long-lasting waterproof item with smudge-proof formula
  • Get the desired color with one stroke!
  • Easy-glide Texture
  • Self-sharpening Retractable Eye Liner
Let's see if this liner lives up to its claims~~~

I purchased this liner in five different colors:
#3 WICKED - dark khaki grey-green with faint pearlescent gold shimmer
#6 E VITA - cool-toned brown with a hint of eggplant purple
#7 CLEOPATRA - deep red burgundy
#8 LES MISERABLES - rich soft brown with faint pearlescent shimmer
#12 OZ - creamy white with pearlescent shimmer
Each pencil comes sealed with a sticker to ensure the product is freshly made and unopened (as you can see above on #7) ^^

It also comes with a convenient sharpener on the back to sharpen your pencil for more accurate application!! I don't know if it's intentional or anything but they spelled it "sharpner"..... I mean it's cute though so like who cares right?? I've used it a few times and it works pretty well! It doesn't make your point as sharp as it originally came in but maybe I'm just not using it right haaaaa

The product is very soft and reminds me of a gel liner in pencil form. This is very convenient and reassuring because gel liners tend to have the most staying power, and you won't have to carry around a pot and brush whenever you want to do some touch ups!! Be careful of breaking the product though, I  broke off the tip of some product because I accidentally hit it on the table u_u

(from left to right)
#12 OZ

One stroke is literally enough for the color to show up, but I used a few more to show emphasis of the color swatches. The liners glide on really smoothly and they don't tug on my skin!!! The pigmentation of these liners are AMAAAZINGG I am so in love

#12 and #3 contain the most shimmer, while #7 is the most "matte" (but not entirely!). #6 and #8 have faint pearlescent shimmer, but it is not too obvious once applied and is a nice change from the usual matte. 

(from left to right)
Here are the swatches when they are blended:
#12 OZ

I had to reapply because I let the initial set of swatches sit for too long u_u they don't budge at all!!!! For a smooth blended effect you have to rub right away. You can tell from my #7 swatch I let that one sit for a bit too long too so I couldn't blend it too well heheh.... Sorry for the bad lighting, if you can't see #6 very well when it blends out it is more cool-toned brown than purple \:  Also for #3, it is more deep grey than khaki when blended as well

Here I ran the swatches under warm water and rubbed intensely for about 5 seconds..... NOTHING BUDGED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me repeat: nothing. budged. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright except for the sparkles which I don't care much for. This liner is indeed waterproof and smudge-proof!!!!!

Usually I'm not one who prefers shimmer on my face, so I don't think I will be using #3 as often.... #12 is great for lining my waterline though, it gives me a more awake and lively appearance and has decent staying power! I use it on top of my Too Cool For School Like a Model Color Pencil in White (which is matte) to enhance its color, add a bit of shimmer and increase its longevity on my watery eyes ^^ You can also use it as a base shadow!!! Very versatile

My favorite has to be #7!!!! I literally use it every single day on my bottom outer lash line and on my eyelid and blend blend blend for a faint pop of color that brightens up my complexion and I feel so bad-ass every time I walk out with it on HAHA....

A word of warning: I'm not lying when I say these colors are very vivid!!! When using, I highly recommend using a light hand and moderately apply and blend as you go...... trust me I've made some mistakes with #7 and u_u yeah I was literally a walking vampire with burgundy eyes for a day (which still made me feel pretty cool tho so I guess it's not too bad)

These liners make my life so much easier..... I'm no pro at working with traditional eyeshadows so this is really nice for people like me who are lazy, impatient, inexperienced and tight on time ^^

  1. It stays on all day, is waterproof and smudge-proof
  2. It is very pigmented and glides on very smoothly
  3. Easy to use and very versatile: use as an eyeliner and blend as a shadow
  4. It is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and skin
  5. It is affordable (~$11-15USD depending on where you purchase)
  6. It has very sleek and convenient packaging (I am a sucker for packaging)

  1. Blending may prove difficult if you let the product sit for too long (so start blending RIGHT AWAY)
  2. Doesn't stay all day on my waterline (it's expected though)
  3. Hard to find in stores and online
  4. None really..... I am in loooooove with this eyeliner
Final verdict

I would definitely repurchase these over and over again for the rest of my life...... Especially #7 CLEOPATRA I just can't live without it anymore aaaaaaahhh

Where to purchase
Due to its sudden rising popularity, it is not as difficult to find 3CE products online anymore!!! They have a few stores in South Korea and in Hong Kong so you can check them out when you're in the area ^^ I posted some reliable sites you can purchase this product from!! Check out Stylenanda for their full range of shades and colors of their Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner!!!

I've been using 3CE products and shopping from Stylenanda since high school, so I've tried a lot of their products!!! I loooove their clothes and their models are soooososo pretty and are definitely one of my sources of inspiration *_* If you have any questions about ordering from Stylenanda, please don't hesitate to ask!!!! Have a nice daaaayy and I will be working on my next posts and the Liebster award soon!!!!! Gotta go back to programming now cries seeyaaaaa

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

LA Shoot + Working with Chad Future

Heyoooo guys!! Happy 2014 and hope you had a safe and amazing new year's ^^ I know I did!!!! I'll talk about that later though but today I just want to update you guys a bit on what I did over my winter break!! Winter quarter starts next Monday soooobbs but I only have ICS lab on Monday and since it is the first day of instruction I'm pretty sure I won't have to go..............

BUT YEAH on Sunday the 15th, my brother Ivan and our friend Matt drove up and made a stop at my apartment to pick up something and we did some shooting nearby also ^^ Afterwards we continued up to LA~~~

Totally in loooove with my 6D *_* 24mm on FF is absolutely breathtaking!!!!

Meet Matt yaaaaayy I love him hahahahaa he's THE BEST

These kids think they're so cool

For lunch, we decided to visit the popular and infamous Magic Restroom Cafe..... HAHAHAHA JUST LOOK everything in the restaurant is toilet-themed and omg..... just don't think too much of it when you are eating..... The food is alright and the drinks weren't as cold as I would have liked \: I ordered fried rice and yogurt green tea, Ivan ordered chicken curry and I forget some drink, and Matt got the beef noodle soup and milk tea. The portions were really big!!!! None of us finished our food, not even the guys......!!!!

Later that night we dropped by Iota Cafe, which is located at the heart of LA in Ktown. I've been there a few times before and the owner, Brian, is reaaally nice and friendly!!! He wasn't there that day though \: But the main reason we went to Iota was to help film for Chad Future's upcoming music video!!! If you don't know who he is, he is an aspiring musician who draws much of his creative influence from Kpop. Check out his Youtube channel here!!

It's not like we were doing anything important since we were just extras, but just having the experience of being on set and personally observing the behind-the-scenes of filming and broadcast is really worth it.... I honestly hate being in front of the camera (lol ironic) but a little give-and-take is necessary ya know? Dave (his real name) was soooo friendly and nice and I have so much respect for him!!! Despite all the hate he gets (mostly racism and the like), he still continues doing what he has a deep passion for.... he's also really chill and easy to work with!!! He's also reeaally patient too, since we keep messing up l0l yeah what a great guy

Oops sorry hella bad phone quality cries
I don't know why I look like a crazed fanatic I SWEAAARR I'm not like that..... 

Dave was really nice and treated us to macaron ice cream sandwiches!!! They were created in name of my apartment mate Sara ^^ She and Brian are pretty close!!! Thanks Dave for giving us the opportunity to meet you and work on set!!!!!

We finished filming at around 7:30pm so we just decided to get dinner at Iota before heading home. I am totally enchanted by their green tea latte........ It's sooooooo good and their latte art is beaaaauutiful!!!! I get it every time I go to Iota *_*

Ivan and I shared this!!! It was REALLY GOOD but I don't remember what it was lol oops

Matt got the Psy burger HAHAHA yuuumm it looks delicious

And yeah that pretty much sums up my first shoot with male models!!!! A very fun and eventful day ^^ Even though I got to learn a lot about shooting and filmography, I don't think I would be down to be an extra again though.... I'm just too shy and self-conscious and acting is actually a lot harder than it seems ==;;; it is very repetitive work.........

Aiiiight will update you guys more later!!!! Seeyaaaaaa