My basis for reviews
My reviews are based completely on my own honest opinion and they will not be influenced in any way through sponsorship, paid advertisement, nor by any means whatsoever. Everything mentioned or reviewed on this blog are purchased by me unless otherwise indicated. My one goal in writing reviews is to share with everyone my very own experience with a product/store/service and provide them with trustworthy insight. I realize that there are many products and services out there that have extreme potential, but lack the publicity for it to earn a desirable consumer base. I hope that through my humble honesty, I will be able to shine a light on products and services that are constantly overshadowed by more well-known franchises.

This is a Public Relations (PR) friendly blog. I am open to trying out new products and services from different companies/brands/stores. Feel free to contact me for any questions! I highly suggest taking a tour through my blog as well as checking out my "About" page for more personal information. Thank you and have a wonderful day ^^

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