Saturday, September 14, 2013

Empties #1!

Hey guys! Last week I turned in my final nine page research paper for my Writing class and last night I submitted my final ten page, single-spaced (!!!!!!), 12 Times New Roman font paper for my Management class.... My brain is completely drained but I am FINALLY done with summer classes YAAAAAAYY now I can freely enjoy my 14 days of summer before Fall quarter starts!!! I'm so happy I can't even comprehend right now.... I really hated my Writing class because it legitimately ruined my summer -.-;;; ANYWAY onto the important stuff...

I thought it would be nice to start off my first review with an Empties list ^^ It would give you guys an idea of what kinds of products I use!

(from left to right)
A) The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
  • I absolutely looove this cleanser!!! It smells so clean and faintly of rice water (hah). Fragrance doesn't bother me much but if you are sensitive to scented products, this cleanser's scent is very mild!
  • You need only about a pea-sized drop of product and it lathers up very nicely. This is a very good product for those with sensitive skin as well
  • It makes my face feel very clean, soft and moisturized without that (unpleasant) tight feeling ^^ It also brightens up my skin, which is a definite plus~~

B) The Face Shop Clean Face Mild Toner
  • This toner has a slight mixture of herbal and floral scent. Again I don't mind fragrances in products but this is also quite mild so it will be fine for those who are sensitive!
  • I pour some on a cotton pad and wipe this gently in upward and circular motions all over my face and neck after cleansing. It leaves my skin feeling clean, cool and moisturized without that unpleasant tight feeling
  • It has pretty decent oil control and helps lessens my acne/blemishes!

C) Skinfood Peach Sake Emulsion
  • This emulsion has a very light and watery consistency, which is perfect for moisturizing oily skin or for those with enlarged pores.
  • Its fragrance is floral and smells of peaches! It kind of reminds me of those Asian car scents HAHA if you are sensitive to fragrances this may not be the one for you
  • I use this after toner and acne care. About a quarter coin's size worth is all you need! This makes my skin feel hydrated, soft and smooth and leaves a nice matte finish. Oil control is decent as well!

D) SANA Nameraka Honpo (Soybean Milk) Cleansing Oil
  • This cleansing oil works amazingly. It takes a full face of makeup off with just 1-2 pumps of product!
  • I don't like or dislike the scent. It smells a bit like soybeans (lol) and the fragrance is very mild, so it is perfect for those who are sensitive to it
  • It leaves my face feeling clean, smooth and moisturized without that unpleasant tight feeling! I can really feel my pores becoming unclogged as the oil emulsifies. I apply this with dry and clean hands on my dry face and rub in soft, gentle circular upward motions.

E) The Face Shop Natural Sun AQ Mild Sun Milk SPF 40 (PA+++) [Body & Family]
  • This product lives up to its name as a "sun milk". Its consistency is very light and watery (like milk!)
  • This is my absolute savior. I use this all year around when my skin is being exposed to the sun (such as wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts). Since the consistency is light, it doesn't feel thick or oily on my skin!
  • The scent of this sun milk reminds me of the beach. It smells like any other sun lotion out there, but they add in something else that I can't put my finger on.... I can smell it all day long if I could, that's how good it is....

It looks like I'm a big fan of The Face Shop yeah? Actually I got them last summer in Hong Kong when Colourmix (which is a skincare/cosmetics branch that is very similar to SASA) was having a sale promotion for this brand ^^

I will be doing more in-depth reviews of these products later on so please look forward to them ^^ Thanks for reading and have a nice day~~~


  1. It looks like some great products! I have not tried any of these products before =)


  2. Oh wow you have a lot of empties! Good job. :)


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