Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who I am.... or what am I.....

Hey guys! For the past year I've been thinking on and off about making a blog.... I've made several and always ended up deleting them because I never know what to do with it! Recently this summer I've been really getting into reading blogs and I guess this really motivated me into finally (FINALLY) making one! To even make sure I won't give up on this blog I even put in the extra effort to translate the layout code and everything to make my blog all nice and pretty ^^;;

One reason I'm starting this blog is because I would like to keep a record of my college days while I still have a chance. I already finished my first year, but it's still not too late to start, right?? I also have so much to say about the products and/or services I use.... I think most of us have been in a situation in which we are interested in something, but you couldn't find any reviews on it! Should I get it? Do I trust this source? It's really irritating.... I hope this little corner of mine can somewhat help ease your frustrations! Although my original goal for this blog is to talk about my personal life, I realized as I read more of other people's blogs that skincare, cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle really do contribute to a significant part of our daily function! So I would like to take this blog to talk about these things as well ^^

A very quick summary about me: I am a university student in California studying Psychology and Business Management. I immigrated from Hong Kong to America when I was younger so I am fluent in both Cantonese-Chinese and English! Hiii 你好~~ 我叫樂詩, 請大家多多指教!!! 希望可以一齊做好朋友啦~~ I grew up a tomboy but I still haven't gone far from the trend yet.... I'm not your typical girly girl and I really dislike pink, frills, lace, you name it! I have a passion for all forms of art. On my free time I pursue a serious hobby of photography (portraiture and still-life) and sometimes sketching on the side. I have the most unhealthy sweet tooth and I absolutely DETEST exercise and getting tan.... but these are things that I guess we can't avoid....

To find out more, please check out my "About" page! I'm new to Blogger so I'm still trying to find my way around ^^;; What is GFC and how exactly does it work....? I have so many questions that needed to be answered heheheh oh nooo I talked too much I always do that.... u_u please treat me kindly... and thank you for reading!!!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world =)

    I am Cantonese - Chinese too!

    GFC = googlefriendconnect

    You can see that on my sidebar and it actually works the same as Bloglovin, but Bloglovin is easier to keep track on blogs so I am going to follow you there to be your first followers now!

    It looks like you got a lot of ideas to post here and I am expecting something great to read!

    See you around!

    If you have twitter and got any questions, then you can find me there to get quick replies.


    1. Thank you so much!!! Yaaay I'm so glad that we're both Canto ((: I will definitely go to you for help if I have any more questions!! Thanks for supporting ^^


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